Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Present

By Marcia Mickelson

For Father's Day, my kids and I bought my husband a GPS (Global Positioning System) and new swim trunks. He has been working out of town the last few months in a new job. We're preparing to move down to Corpus Christi, TX where he is now working. He and his co-workers have been geocaching in the evenings, and I thought he would like a GPS since he has enjoyed geocaching.

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game where you use a GPS to find geocaches. Using coordinates, you follow the GPS to a location and search for a geocache. The geocache can be any kind of container that holds a log where you sign that you found it and sometimes it has small items or toys that can be traded out.

I knew that our family would love to go geocaching, so I thought it would be a fun present for Dad. On his way home Friday, he called me to ask if he could stop and buy a GPS. Knowing that we had already bought him one for Father's Day, I told him to wait a few days. He said he really wanted it this weekend, so we could take the kids geocaching. He knew they would love it, and since it's our last weekend in San Antonio, it might be the only chance we have to do it here. I told him that maybe he could get one for Father's Day. He said we wanted it before so he could take the kids out on Saturday. Okay, so finally, I had to tell him there was one sitting right in front of me. Happy Father's Day! He was surprised, but telling him ruined the surprise. Oh well, try to do something nice.

It was fine, though. We probably would have ended up giving it to him earlier since I knew the kids would want to go geocaching on Saturday. To read about our geocaching adventures, you can go the the Ink Ladies Blog. I blogged all about it. At least, we still have the swim trunks to give him on Father's Day. I think he'll be surprised since he thinks the GPS was the only present.

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Lee Ann Setzer said...

We had exactly the same experience, only with a really nice flashlight for Boy Scout camp. Again, oh well, and at least we came up with something he actually wanted!