Thursday, August 14, 2008

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike...

By Brittany Mangus

I used to think that riding a bicycle was just for people who had to. Like missionaries or people with too many DUIs.

Now that I've dropped a few pounds and won't get easily winded by just watching people exercise, a bike ride didn't seem too bad. (It still seemed bad. But not as bad.)

Que (my husband) and I have been slowly building up strength this summer by riding our bikes in the neighborhood and taking them to parks and in the mountains. This past weekend we went to Bear Lake and brought our bikes. We rode along a bike trail and before we knew it, we had gone 12 miles! 12 miles!!! (!!!!) (At 7600 ft. elevation!) I couldn't believe my body let me do that without angrily protesting by snapping my knees or deflating my lungs.

As you can see, I brought along a nice picnic basket (which, unfortunately does not hold a golden retriever) so I decided to fill it with some nice sandwiches instead. (Whole wheat sandwiches, of course). And incidently, it's hard to pedal a bike while wearing a dress like that. I'm considering trading it in for a day-glo biking leotard, but I can't even stomach wearing one of those LIVE STRONG bracelets. Maybe that's something else you have to slowly work your way up to.

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Marcia Mickelson said...

You're so good. That's something I'd like to start doing too. I'd have to buy a bike, though, and then remember how to ride one and probably get one of those trailer thingys to pull my little one. Maybe for Christmas...