Monday, August 11, 2008

Book Review "Prepardness Principals

JoAnn Arnold
Book Review: Preparedness Principals by Barbara Salisbury and Sandi Simmons

One day, I was sitting beside Barbara while we were both doing book signings, and we became immediate friends. I browsed her booth, filled with samples, ideas, and booklets. I listened as she talked about being prepared, and I was impressed with the vastness of her knowledge.

At another book signing, she was giving a workshop. While keeping an eye out for potential customers interested in my book, I inched my way close enough to hear her speak. That day I bought her book Preparedness Principals. Oh, let me tell you. This book is the most complete and informative book on preparedness you will ever read. It is filled with everything anyone would need to know about being prepared.

On that back cover, there is a statement that I think summarizes the contents of the book. I quote “Barbara brings together years of research and experience, giving you the know-how to set up an organized, practical, personal preparedness program that will provide for most wants and needs in any emergency situation. Preparedness Principles, the most comprehensive preparedness guide ever published, offers exclusive details about: • Four new categories of preparedness • New bare-bones basics • The Pantry Principle • Storm shelters, safe rooms, and safe havens • and much more! If you're serious about a personalized preparedness action plan, this quintessential reference book is for you!”

“Crises and disasters don’t make appointments before they come calling,” she tells us. “Emergencies do happen, and the time may come when you have to rely on yourself. It’s time you open your eyes and stop counting on your crossed fingers to keep you safe and happy. It is possible to keep going even when the floor drops out from under your feet, but it doesn’t happen by accident. It happens because you are prepared.” Powerful words! Powerful book! And I’m buying one for each one of my sons, for their families.

Barbara shows her humorous side in giving out advice in this book, and it only adds to the content.

Now, if I were to give you some motherly advice, it would be this: Don’t put of until tomorrow what you can do today - and today would be a very good day to purchase this book, then read it, and thereafter, follow the advice given therein.


Barbara Salsbury said...

Thank you my sweet frind. THANK YOU! Will your blog readers believe that I didn't bribe you for such a great review? Just so you know JoAnn is a narvelous author and has a great gift in manipulating words so that they belong together.
Barbara :)

Shirley Bahlmann said...

I agree! Amen! Oorah! No excuses! I'm cleaning out my basement right now!