Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Christmas Craze

My whole life one of my major pet peeves has been that stores start pushing their Christmas products long before the Christmas season. For over two decades I've whined about how obnoxious it is that we can't celebrate the other holidays, because as much as I love Christmas there's just something creepy about listening to "Silent Night" in late October.

And now look at me: promoting my Christmas book and August isn't even over yet. Oh well. I guess we all have to eat our words sometime. :S

Christmas Games and Goodies was just released. Yay! Kimiko and I put long, hard hours into planning and pinning down every detail.... Okay, not really. But it was a lot of fun to do. I dreamed up the goodies and she concocted the games. For a few weeks we pampered all the employees at CFI with trial-run treats. They thought we were being nice, but truthfully I was just trying to see if I could destroy Lyle's diet. Hehe. :)

So watch for Christmas Games and Goodies at a store near you. As the back cover states (a misprint, I discovered; the ad copy got on instead of the blurb, but I never saw the proof so I didn't get a chance to mention it), this booklet is "the perfect gift." And at only $2.99 retail, it's not a bad price, either. And just in case you're wondering, the cranberry bars (can't remember the actual name, but you'll find it) was my favorite recipe. What inspired that recipe? No clue. I just like cranberries, I guess, and I love any recipe that combines fruit and cream cheese.



Janet Burningham said...

Kammi, what a cute book. It looks like the perfect neighbor/visiting teacher gift book. Congratulations!

P.S. Am I the only one commenting anymore? Where is everyone? Hello?? Is anyone out there??

Kammi Rencher said...

Re: P.S.: Or maybe I hit a few nerves...maybe everyone else likes starting Christmas five months early... :S

Aubrey said...

Can't wait to pick it up and try the cranberry bars! I'm always looking for a reason to eat cream cheese. :)

Aubrey said...

P.S. I always leave my Christmas until the last minute, and I know what you mean. It kind of unnerves me to see the Christmas stuff out next to the pumpkins and the costumes. But I can eat cream cheese laden desserts year round!

Stephanie Black said...

Mmm, cranberry bars. That sounds really yummy. Congrats on your new book!

Shirley Bahlmann said...

This looks very fun! The Christmas spirit runs all year through, anyway, Kammi, so you're good.

Emily Cushing said...

Hi Kammi,

I have a question for you. Do you mind emailing me at Thanks, Emily