Monday, August 25, 2008

Doggin' Bears

By Brittany Mangus

This weekend my husband Que and I went camping with my parents. We went to a lake where we fished and Que swam. "Swam" as in across the lake (and back). I think he needs to taper off on the time he spends watching the Olympics. A canoe of people even stopped him and tried to rescue him.

We went to a campsite that was in Bear Country. And, while we were there, a camper called in a bear sighting- which was right in our campground.

Fortunately, the bear was caught:

It's a good thing the Park Rangers and the Forest Service guys (who came prepared with their bear cages and tranquilizer guns) had better vision than that of the camper that Madison frightened. Otherwise, poor Madison would have been tranked and released into the wild.

Unfortunately, word didn't get out so quickly that the angry, blood-thirsty, 200 lb. bear was actually a happy, 90 lb. golden retriever. The scare caused a mass-exodus from the campground.

To City Slicker Campers: Bears don't come in orange. Nor are they into wearing jingly dog tags. Madison is however, fairly large and hairy, so I guess I will have to give her a haircut and put her back on a diet. There is nothing like being mistaken for a bear to motivate you to lose weight.


Kammi Rencher said...

That is absolutely hilarious! I about died laughing. Thanks for sharing. :)

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Ha, ha! I love the way you put that together, you clever girl, you! And Madison will give me nightmares from now on... I mean,that tongue... those adoring eyes... that friendly smile... AHHHH!