Thursday, April 9, 2009

Keep your words soft and sweet...

..because you may have to eat them!

Throughout this entire grad school application process I've been considering things I’ve said in earlier years about all the places I never wanted to live. I think I put myself in a nice little box where the only way out was to eat at least some of my words. Words like: "I hate Vegas and hope I never have to move there" or "I just don't want to move very far from home" or "I refuse to live in an area that is cursed by snow" or "I cannot stand living in a place where the summer temperatures are over 100 degrees" or "I hate the desert; I want to live somewhere green."

It's also ironic that I whined long and hard about Dixie State College's previous (ridiculous) mascot, the Rebels, since I may end up at UNLV. (Just for the record, I LOVE Dixie's new mascot, the Red Storm. "Dusty" is just too cute!) (Besides, trying to decide whether students should yell "go Red Storm" or "go Red Storms" at a game should keep the English department in heated debate for the next ten years.)

But I digress. As of about an hour ago, it looks like the words I'm most likely to eat are those of "I never want to move very far from home" because we were just accepted to school in Florida. Snowless, green, and temperate though it may be, close to home it is not. But it could be worse! (It could have been Wisconsin. Seriously.)

So yes, we will be going off to school this year. It's now a question of Florida or Vegas. (Why oh why did Vegas have to be 120 miles from St. George and Tampa have to be 2,000 miles? Why not the other way around?) *poignant sigh*

Sorry. I'm a little wound up right now. I hope you all have just as wonderful of a day as I'm having! :)

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