Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Interview with Troy Dunn of WeTV's 'The Locator'

By Brittany Mangus

Through Mormon Mommy Blogs I was given the chance to interview Troy Dunn, of WeTV's program The Locator. Troy works to reunite family members who have for various reasons been scattered and separated. Troy is also an LDS bishop.

I took this opportunity to ask him about his show, what he does and his opinions on openness in modern adoption practices. He spoke about birth mothers and gave some great advice for adoptees and adoptive parents. Check it out by clicking here!


Rebecca Talley said...

I really enjoyed your interview. I wish I got that channel so I could watch his show. I'm sure I'd bawl through the whole thing.

Adoption is a wonderful thing. I'd love to adopt, but I'm too old and I have too many kids.

Great job!

Fiauna said...

I've seen this show advertised, but haven't actually tuned it. I had no idea this guy was LDS, let alone a bishop. I will have to check it out, for sure.

Nishant said...

I'm sure I'd bawl through the whole thing.

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