Friday, July 11, 2008

Personal Contacts

A very effective promotional tool to pushing the sales of your new or most recent book can be found right inside your personal email contact list. Usually the contacts that are in your list are people that you have established lasting relationships with and will continue on for lengthy periods of time. Authors should use this list by letting all the contacts know of their new book or of new activities that they are involved in with and existing book. Theses contacts are already connected in some way to you and will take the time to read the email that you send to them. Then because of their relationship with you, they are more than willing to help you spread the word to their contacts and friends that they deal with on a daily basis. While informing your contacts of the activities you are involved in, don't hesitate to ask them for their opinions or for ideas on ways to help you publicize your book. You will be surprised how much information is out there and how many great opportunities that will be freely given just by asking. Remember to build your email list with the people who are interested in what you are doing because these will be the people in the future that will be a valuable source of information. Who knows your next big book idea, deal, or just a great friendship could originate from your very own email contact list!

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Minnie 88 said...

I recently read a fantastic book, Jane Wenham-Jones’ “Wannabe a Writer?” The book, as well as being very amusing, contained fantastic information on the art of writing itself – ways to form ideas and characters, right up to getting an agent and being published. I found it very useful and hope someone else out there might too.