Monday, July 21, 2008

The Littlest Nephite in the top 10!

As I was curiously looking on Deseret Books website today under children's books, I was delighted to see that "The Littlest Nephite" has taken its place in the 9th ranked spot for popularity in its category. A little shocked, elated, (but I have to admit, I knew it could do it) I started spreading the news. This resulted in a great buzz around the workplace and within my closest family and friends. It also introduced the book to people who I had overlooked initially who I should have introduced the book to when it was released. But hey, they know about it now and they will probably help me spread the word! As the day wears on and I sit back to write on the blog, I realize just how effective a little excitement can have on the impact of our books that we write. That excitement will help us meet people that we otherwise wouldn't as well as help us step out of our comfort zone and introduce ourselves as well as our accomplishments. It's perfect proof that a little excitement can go a long way. All of us as authors owe it to ourselves to shine the light on ourselves. After all, we didn't do it so it wouldn't get noticed!


Rebecca Talley said...

Excellent! Congratulations :)

Stephanie Abney said...

What a cute cover ~ well, a blog spreads the word also. I have to admit I had not yet seen your book but now I will look for it. Congratulations!!

Shirley Bahlmann said...

That looks like a charming book.