Monday, July 14, 2008

Nationwide book sales YTD

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AAP Book Sales: May Dips, Year Holds

Net sales of books in May fell 1.8% to $670 million, based on data from 79 publishers as reported to the Association of American Publishers. For the year to date, net sales of books were $2.851 billion, down 0.7% from the same period last year.
Stronger categories:

E-books rose 24.3% (with sales of $3.3 million).
Higher Ed increased 5% ($127.1million).
Adult hardcovers were up 4.4% ($166 million).
Religious books gained 3.7% ($38.8 million).
Professional and scholarly rose 1.3% ($53.5 million).
Children's/YA paperbacks increased 0.4% ($42.5 million).

Weaker categories:

Audiobooks were down 38% ($12.6 million).
University press paperbacks dropped 20.5% ($2.8 million).
University press hardcovers decreased 18.4% ($4 million).
Adult mass market declined 9.6% ($77.2 million).
Adult paperbacks sales fell 7.3% ($100.7 million).
Children's/YA hardcovers decreased 4.9% ($40.4 million).
El-hi dropped 2.6% ($328.6 million)


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