Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Winter has finally come to St. George.

The evidence is irrefutable: I had hard frost over about 75% of the back window of my car this morning. AND our thermometer read 31 degrees F. at 6:30 am. Wow.

Soon frost will sneak over the ground, making grass remnants and dirt clods go frozen and crunchy. Then things will get really bad: it’ll get so cold that I’ll probably have to start letting my car warm up for a few minutes before I leave for work. In a week or two, we could even start seeing snow in town—as it travels through on the tops of vehicles driving in from colder climes, like Cedar City. I may even have to dig out my heavy coat.

But still, I’ll endure the cold for the sake of Christmas. After all, it just wouldn’t be the holidays if it were too warm for hot chocolate.

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Christine Thackeray said...

We've got a cold front on the way too. I'm not looking forward to it. We miss you, Kammi.