Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wildlife Photographer

By Brittany Mangus

I love nature. Below are some photos that I've taken over the years. I seem to have a knack for attracting wildlife. This should further the accuracy of my diagnosis of "Snow White" that I received from the online Disney Princess Test.

This is a bull moose we saw near Bear Lake.

This is a coyote we saw near Brighton.

This is my cat (Parley P. Cat), taunting a pair of blue birds. (The blue birds are wildlife!)

Mule Deer, Book Cliffs, UT

Que with a moose near Brighton.

Another shot of that same moose.

This is a (small) fish I caught last month. I probably shouldn't include pictures of wildlife that I've killed, but what the heck. Otherwise I couldn't post this picture:

This is Chuck. Well, this was Chuck. That is, before The Incident. (Don't worry, I don't have any "After" photos.) Anyway, Chuck was the chipmunk that wandered into our house in Ephraim. My roommates and I tried to herd him out of our house and back into the wild, but we lost him. Three days later we found him again; smashed between my box springs and my mattress. There is nothing like realizing you've not only squashed the life out of a rodent, but that you've slept with its rotting corpse in your bed for 2 nights. I love nature.


Shirley Bahlmann said...

Ahhh! I must admit, that was worse than the skunks under our house.

Aubrey said...

This was hilarious...except the part about poor Chuck. (Which was still pretty funny, only I felt bad laughing about it.) We got rid of an old treadmill once, and when they hauled it out of the house, there was a dead mouse underneath it. He was pounded flat, so we felt proud knowing that we'd gotten some good use out of the treadmill.
I think that nature should stay where it belongs; outside.

Brittany said...

No no no... nothing could be worse than skunks under your house!

And yes, nature should stay outside... but it was hard for poor Chuck to resist coming inside. One of our roommates would eat cereal in bed, which is where I first saw Chuck (eating a Honeycomb). Too bad he didn't return to THAT bed to die, and not mine. :p