Thursday, September 18, 2008

Choosing English--on purpose!

by Terri Ferran

Terri writes. [Sentence pattern 1 (s-v)]
Terri is overwhelmed. [Sentence pattern 2 (s-v-sc)}
Terri eats chocolate. [Sentence pattern 3 (s-v-do)]
Terri gives the teacher her assignment. [Sentence pattern 4 (s-v-io-do)]
Terri hopes the teacher is merciful. [Sentence pattern 5 (s-v-do-oc)]

What is she blathering about, you ask? I have been overcome and overwhelmed by my final semester of college. I’m almost there—I will soon have a BS that means something other than bull stuff!

The thing that really proved to me that I am now a writer is this—I deliberately took English 1120 – English Fundamentals (translated as grammar) as an ELECTIVE. That means I took it voluntarily and paid for the privilege!

I aren’t what I used ta be!

So writing for pleasure has gone on hold for a semester; but, hopefully, I’ll emerge from the heavy load a little bit properer than I was J. Here’s to teaching this old dog some new tricks.


Lee Ann Setzer said...

I was just wishing this morning that someone would sit my 7th grader down and teach him to diagram sentences!

Knowing the structure of language is a valuable skill that too many people don't have--and don't care to have.

You go, girl!

Janet Burningham said...

Way to go girl! I am so proud of you!!

Toni said...

Terri, I loved your sentance patterns! I sent this blog to my 8th grade son. He will roll is eyes at me for sending it, and he will think you are crazy for taking gammar as an elective. But he will like what you wrote.

btw, congrats on your FINAL semester of undergraduate work.