Friday, February 27, 2009

Learning from Jason Wright

I reviewed Recovering Charles by Jason Wright on my blog yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised, and impressed, to see that Jason Wright left a comment.

He's a busy man. A NY Times bestselling author. A husband. A dad. He has plenty to do, but he took the time to read a review by some unknown blogger and then went a step further and left a comment.

What does that say to me? He cares about his readers. He's willing to take the time to contact readers even though he's a popular author. He's putting forth an effort to connect with his audience.

As we seek to build a readership for our books, we can learn from Jason Wright. We can put forth the effort to connect with readers. We should be diligent in supporting those who read and review our books. We should listen to what our readers say and apply what we learn from them to our works in progress. And, even when we're on the NY Times bestselling list, we should always be humble enough to realize that it's our readers who put us there.

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Jason Wright said...

Rebecca, after a particularly lousy week your kindness REALLY hit the spot. THANK YOU! I promise I'll never forget that I work for YOU.

I'm always amused when people ask me what it's like to write full-time and not have a boss. I tell them I DO have a boss: Mr. and Mrs. Reader. And if I don't work hard they'll fire me and stop buying my books :)

Thanks again. You made my day.


This is my first time on your blog. I will be back. Stay fabulous. It keeps 'em guessing.